Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cats & dogs

Life has been rather hectic of late. Who said this is a holiday?
I now have a mild blister on my thumb after catching up with the enormous backload of ironing (3 1/2 hours!!!! - I had really let it slip), & I have done as many chores as possible

Mia is now feeling much better. However, I am not so impresssed that she can go out again as she seems to have found a rats nest in the field near us, & has brought me a (fortunately dead) baby rat on 3 consecutive days this week.Yuk.
Who said cats & dogs can't be friends?
This is Mia (about a year ago) with our dog Shadow (very unoriginal, but he's black & he follows me!)
Whenever she passes him, she always stops to rub round him awwwww.

Mia loves this box, & enjoyed curling up in it every evening last winter.

This is Tigger (I know, another unoriginal name). It was taken a couple of days before he died (age 4), & I can now see just how much weight he lost (very quickly) by looking at how loose his collar is.
RIP Tigger.

I won't be able to craft this week as we are having our first holiday in 4 years. We are off to visit a certain mouse (much nicer than baby rats lol) & his friends in Disneyland (another first) Paris for a few days this week, so won't be here again for a few days, but will catch up with all your fab blogs again when I return.


kay said...

have a wonderful holiday noreen and i hope you have left room in your suitcase for some craft goodies,x

coops said...

aw your pets are gorgoeus.have a fab holiday noreen.

xx coops xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Have a lovely holiday and I enjoy Paris, your pets are gorgeous. See you soon refreshed and lots of new card ideas. Margaret

WILLIE...! said...

Yes, have a great holiday Noreen.....What's wrong with Italy then...!
Have fun....!
Lovely, lovely photo's.....well, you know me, l could sit and look a cats ALL day...! ;0)
More Please...!

Jenny said...

Hi Noreen. Your pets are lovely!! I see the DC site is down again. Still it gives me time now to have a look through everyone's blogs. Just one thing I'm not sure about......what is "ironing". Its a term I'm not familiar with.... Hugs Jenny