Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ooops, I got it wrong

An altered version of the card I made yesterday
I was having great trouble finding a springer spaniel that was predominantly brown - until it was pointed out to me that the spaniel should be white with brown ears & rump, so here is the new version.
The brown appears darker here than in the flesh, but it is still darker than I would like as I appear to be having problems with my printer, & even though it was lightened in photoshop it is still darker than it appears to be on screen :-(
This is the sentiment that Willie wanted for Jacqui

Tfl, & for any comments you may care to leave

Monday, 22 November 2010

Riverbank reflection

I was asked to make this card
The spec was that it had to include:
 1. a watery scene on the inside
2. A gatefold card with windows to represent French doors
3. A brown springer spaniel with a white tummy on the front
4. It has to be pink
There is a sentiment on a panel on the back of the card

SU stamp - reflection made using a brayer & repeated to create the river bank across the width of the card, then positive image stamped above the reflected image
Masks used to protect areas of card not being worked on.
Big & juicy ink pad (Soothing Sunset) used with brayer to create sky & water
Grass sponged with 3 shades of green, bank sponged with 2 shades of brown SU ink
Sun & reflected image sponged with orange
Clarity stamps & SU stamps used for foliage at base of insert.
Springer spaniel image sponged with 2 shades of SU brown inks (leaving tummy white) 

I hope that this is ok for both the person who requested it, & for the recipient

Tfl, & for any comments you may care to leave

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

More craft fayre stock pics

Here are the last of the photos my daughter took of my craft fayre table
I made about 30 of the covered notebooks & pencils in various designs. They proved to be quite popular.
I had made both large & small decorated candles, but none of them sold this year.
You can also see the reindeer food & the snowman soup on the table

These cupcakes went down well. I made 24 of them & had 6 with lipsalves in them. I still have quite a few left though - must get more lipsalves as those seemed more popular

I made 24 of these countdown to Christmas cards & made sure I demoed what they were to people who stopped to take a look at my table as it is not obvious what they are at first glance, nor how they work. 

I made a dozen of the pint of socks & sold 4. A nice novel way of giving men the dreaded "socks for Christmas" lol

Unfortunately I ran out of time & only made 2 easel calendars, but maybe that was a good thing as no one was interested in any cards & they didn't sell!

Now the fayre is over, I really must have a good tidy up of my home, doing all the things that have been neglected while I was doing all the preparaions for the fayre - & basically reclaiming it from where my craft equipment & stash seems to have taken over. lol After that I can start my own Christmas preparations & do the crafting I want to do.

Tfl. & for any comments you may care to make.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Calorie free cakes

A few close ups of some of the stock I had on my table at the craft fayre
Nappy cakes, a towel cake, swiss rolls, cupcakes (made from fluffy socks & lipsalve) & covered notebooks, plus some decorated candles

Closer detail of some nappy cakes & candles

The cracker was filled with Celebration chocolates - I made 24 & sold 2!

Some of the cards - none of them sold
Also a few horse bookmarks

Tfl, & for any comments you may care to leave

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Craft induced sleep deprivation!

This is the reason for my lack of posts & comments on blogs recently
I had a table at a local craft fayre today & much of my time recently has been taken up with creating stock for my table. I didn't get to bed until 2.30 am today as I was making flannel swiss rolls (I didn't sell a single one lol). I was so worried about not having enough stock, but needn't have been worried - you can't see what wouldn't fit on the table! I was so fortunate that my middle daughter took a days holiday to come & help me, her wages were a bacon butty, chocolate bar - & numerous other things which seem to being added to, including a new pair of washing up gloves lol. I didn't sell any cards - 2 cardmakers asked me questions (did I use a die cutter & what do I use to colour my images), but other than that there was no interest in my cards, & I don't think that they were overpriced. I covered the cost of my table & took more besides, so I was happy (though I didn't quite get to the target I had set myself). I have got a table booked at a ladies evening at a local school soon, so hope to sell some more stock, & a friend asked me for a neutral coloured nappy cake this evening which I had already made up for todays fayre :-)
I'm going to head off to bed very shortly (matchsticks will not work today), but will be back to catching up with your lovely blogs & leaving comments again as soon as I can.

tfl & for any comments you may care to leave