Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Mia - one very frustrated cat

Here's Mia - a very frustrated (but thankfully not badly injured) cat, looking longingly out of the cat flap.
The vet said she both her front legs, elbows & shoulders were very swollen, the right more than the left. Fortunately nothing is broken. She had an anti-inflammatory injection & has got more anti-inflammatory medication to take for a week. However, she is not allowed outside for a week & now she is literally climbing the walls, she is not a cat who likes to be indoors when the weather is fine. Meanwhile, I am also climbing the walls as I can't have the doors & windows open - I am melting. Thank goodness work has climate control lol

ps, Mia is nearly doing her "Gremlin" impression in the first photo - & yes, we do feed her after dark & she has got wet before (if you remember the film!)

tfl, & for any comments you make care to make.


WILLIE...! said...

I think by now, you must know...l love Pussy-cats. AND......PINK...of course...!
How about a Pink Cat on a Pink Card Noreen....!
Hope she's ALL better soooooon.....x.
Remember...Dogs have Owners...Cats have Staff..!

coops said...

aw bless her.she is not a happy cat at all.i hope she recovers quickly so she can be back outdoors.
xx coops xx

kay said...

glad she is on the mend noreen,hope your furniture lasts up to the weeks punishment,x

Vixx handmade cards said...

So gald your pussy cat is on the mend!! Mia doesn't look very impressed at the mo lol, but hopefully she be running round the garden again very soon :o)
Take care Vicky xx

Messi Jessi said...

Poor kitty! She is gorgeous and hope she's better soon. Know how you feel about the windows - both of my cats are indoor cats so I can never have the windows open - it's horrendous in summer!