Monday, 23 August 2010

Missing Updated :-)

We are getting really worried. Our beautiful 2 yr old cat Mia has gone missing.
She hates rain & always comes in at night, so I had a really bad feeling when she didn't come in with that torrential rain last night. I am hoping that she has got herself shut in somewhere. I have registered her as lost with Petlog, delivered flyers to all the houses in the roads surounding us (quite wide radius). Some local shops have put up flyers for us, & the vets too. All we can do now, is to continue to look for her & hope that she comes home very soon. Petlog said that she has not been found yet, & thankfully I have not found her on any verges. Please keep your fingers crossed. The not knowing is awful.

Thank you so much Margaret & Willie. I am SO SO pleased to say that Mia is now home .

So much for putting all those flyers through people's doors, even those living nearby didn't look in their properties for her ( well a few wonderful people did). 20 minutes ago, the lady who lives behind us heard Mia in her garage & rang me.

Poor little thing was petrified, her heart was going like crazy. She has had a good meal, & is now looking to go out (dislikes using a litter tray, & is probably bursting), but we are not letting her out tonight! Even the dog is pleased to see her & we are now playing ball with her, & generally making a fuss of her. Tomorrow, I shall ring Petlog, vets, Police etc.

Thank you so much for your support & encouragement.


Margarets designer cards said...

I hope you find her soon, she might be hidding from the rain and hopefully when she gets hungry she will come home, I will keep my fingers crossed that you find her. Margaret

WILLIE...! said...

Oh! Noreen, just sat down, to read my E-Mails and Blogs.
Ever see a grown man cry....well l do. Especially when it comes to cats.
Hope you find her soon, please keep us informed,
and of course you can send me a text.
Bless her....x

WILLIE...! said...

Thankyou for your text last night Noreen,
certainly cheered me up...Lovely.
Yes, plenty of TLC...x.
AND, a good stiff talking to...not that cats take a lot of notice...Bless. ;)