Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Wow! What can I say? This was our first ever trip to Disney, and we had a fab time. The Fantillusion parade was an amzing sight to behold.

My daughter had a wonderful time, she told me that she knew the characters were people dressed up ...................except for Eeyore, he IS real!
What a bun fight to get close to Woody! Absolute bedlam, but we managed it, just before he had to return to the float.
We would love to return again. I even went on rides I would never dare do before, I was SO apprehensive while in the queue, but so glad I did afterwards.


WILLIE...! said...

And, there's me thinking they were ALL real,
at least that's what l told my daughter, at an early age......Lovely.....I've never been, but then, l live most of my life in a Disney Land...!
Hope Mia had a good time....! :0)x
Lovely photos.

Jenny said...

Noreen glad you had a lovely time at Euro Disney!! So glad you didn't bump into Katie whatsit to spoil things for you!!!

Noreen said...

Ha ha, Jenny, bumping into that person would not have been a highlight at all. However, we did pass someone on the Tuesday who was the spit of Peter Andre. Wonder if it was him?????

Margarets designer cards said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time and many wonderful memories for years to come Margaret

coops said...

wow looks like you had an amazing time.brilliant photos.

xx coops xx

kay said...

hi noreen,fab pics and glad you had a wonderful time,i am slightly but when my sil went she got me some minnie mouse stickers but i wont use them as too nice!
take care,x