Saturday, 12 June 2010

AWARD - received from Peter

I have just received this award from Peter, I have put a link to his blog in the column on the right.

The rules are that I :
  • Thank him ( Many thanks Peter)

  • Display the Award above and in the column on the right

  • Tell 6 bare faced lies and 1 truth , or visa versa, about myself

  • Nominate 7 others to receive this award.

Please note you do not have to join in, to pick up your award, But joining in makes if more fun.

I'm not very good at this but here goes:

1. I like to craft with a large glass of rioja.
2. I am a size 10
3. My first choice of career was as a florist
4. I am left handed
5. I have blue eyes
6. My surname is Larry, but I used to have a boyfriend with the surname Lamb
7. I love the colour purple

Good luck, and remember no prizes this is just for fun
I nominate the following people for this award:

Annette for being a wonderful hostess
Kerry for sharing her fab Promarker tut
Carol for all her hard work with the DC friendship swap
Rachel  for being so talented
Kathleen for her blogging help
Kay for being such great fun
Vicky for her amazing creations

I hope I have done this correctly LOL.

Can't wait to see which one(s) you think are false/ true...Enjoy!!!


Messi Jessi said...

Congrats!!! I can't tell which of your statements are true or false - they could all be true!

Caroljenks said...

Hi Noreen, I reckon they are all true......apart from the glass of rioja - I think it's a bottle!!!

Thanks for passing on to me - I'll have a think and post it on my blog tomorrow :)

Carol x

kay said...

hi noreen,well i think i know the lie and its you like a glass of wine,have a great weekend and thanks for the award,x

Rachel said...

wow thanks noreen :) I have no idea which are true or do like to challenge us don't you! Thanks very muchly...Rachel xx

peter said...

Hmm I'm glad to see you are entering the spirit of the occassion.. Now I couldn't be so ungallant to say certain ones are untrue beside I wouldn't know...I really haven't a clue LOL.. Oh I give up ...

WILLIE...! said...

mmmM! mmmM! mmmM!
I, I, I, Think it's the colour Purple.
After all, as l've said before, their is only one colour in the world......Pink....!
Anyway, well done Noreen, well done.
It's a lovely Blog, and l like to follow it.
Think Pink...! :0)x.