Friday, 2 April 2010

Silly me!

A well known shop specialising in home & garden products had 20% off garden items today, so I took advantage of it & bought a fire pit which you can BBQ on too. It wasn't nice enough to sit out tonight as the weather is so changeable, so I decided to put all the masses of paper which had personal information on it (4 carrier bags)on the fire pit just to test it of course. It was superb, all the paper has been destroyed . . . . . . . but, I had to use the poker to make sure that all the paper was burning. It was only when I came indoors into the light that I realised why my hand & stomach felt so warm . . . . I'd burnt them (through my jeans too). How silly of me.
A friend has now told me that you can buy a briquette maker & use all your shredded paper to make briquettes to put on the fire pit (not when you want to BBQ though). Roll on summer :-)

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