Monday, 21 March 2011

So thrilled for my youngest

My youngest decided she wanted to try out for our town's Carnival Princess. She was so thrilled to be selected! She said she was asked if her room was tidy (what a joke!), so she told them it was "a work in progress"! Ummm, yes, I think good  intentions are there, but it's a perpetual work in progress as something else always prevents her getting it finished. lol
Oh, in case you wondered, my daughter is the one on the right in the stripy top

tfl, & for any comments you may care to leave


WILLIE........! said...

Lovely Noreen.....Lovely....!
Reminds me when l went in for Carnival Princess.
Long time ago now....Well, Mum used to put me in all sorts. Thank God, she never heard of Crufts.
Oh! l was feel'in a bit fluffy to-day, until l got your e-mail.....Goodness Me....! :).

kay said...

tell her well done,am sure she will have fun and hopefully this will inspire her to tidy

Teresa said...

What a great piccy, well done from me too, she looks lovely. xx

Vicky said...

Such a gorgeous piccie hun....she looks beautiful hun :o)

hugs Vicky xx

Mau xx said...

Tell her she is a winner Noreen, a Lovely picture. xx

Annette said...

Brilliant photo Noreen. Clever girl just like her Mum x

Eileen said...

Cor ! your daughter was 'quick' with the work in progress remark !! well done,clever girl! Talking of clever .... the page in the post above is super .... clever cross stitch .

Thanks for the lovely comments you leave on my blog Noreen .... I have a 'shout out' (each time I post a card)for other blogs that I follow .... you are my next 'target'! lol Maybe tomorrow if I my 'male' a card finished ! E xx