Saturday, 1 May 2010

FAO Willie

This is a special selection for Willie!

(Sorry for the glare from the camera flash & for the fact that the colours are a bit different as they were not taken in natural light)

Willie, I have made the inside of the card you asked for in 3 different ways so you can chose which you would like me to make the finished card with.
I have placed the design inside the window of the card, & placed the cat on the front, so you have an idea of what it may look like.
I was thinking of making a vase to put on the window sill with 40 on the vase - what do you think?
Also, I think the sentiment will have to go on the back of the card, as there will not be room inside - & it would be visible through the window.

Please let me know your thoughts, & if any of the designs is suitable & acceptable to you? No worries if not.





Jennifer said...

Hi there! your work is stunning! xx Jenny xx

WILLIE...! said...

Oh! Wow! Noreen. Their really great, l'll take a dozen..........No! No! l jest. Well after careful thought, l think number THREE. 3.
Love it....Love it....Love it...!
Thankyou so much...Grazie Tanto.... :0)x.

WILLIE...! said...

Sorry Noreen, all this excitment, yes, a vase with 40 on would be nice l think. Perhaps in pink? Leave it to you.....Thankyou again.x.
I think Dawn, who's birthday it is will be 'over the moon' with it. Wow!