Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tigger Hug

Phew, I've now returned from a few hectic days with my youngest two in EuroDisney. The 18yr old had never been before, & was just as enchanted with everything as the 11yr old, the look on their faces & the pure enjoyment they (& I) gained from the time away was worth every penny - even though I am now exhausted. Lots of photos to scrapbook, including a fabulous one of Tigger completely enveloping my youngest in the biggest hug ever :-)
My youngest had drawn a heart with Tiggers name next to it on her menu, at first Mickey saw it & was very comical, miming he was hurt that it wasn't his name there, then Tigger came along. He signed their autograph books & had a photo with both my daughters, then suddenly caught sight of the heart with his name & that was it - my daughter was completely engulfed in the biggest Tigger hug ever! I promise you, she is under there ................. somewhere.
Truly magical memories to treasure

Tfl, & for any comments you may care to leave


Donna Mosley said...

Hi Noreen, sounds like you've had a lovely time. What a great scrapbook these photos are going to make.

Donna x

WILLIE........! said...

Oh! Noreen.....It's 6:55, first lemon tea of the day......AND, Wow! A Tiger......Even better Tigger the Tiger....Lovely.....!
Glad you had a great time, hope to see more pics.
Take Care....! :0)

tilly said...

Pleased you had a lovely time, now back to the real world
Tilly x

Lee said...

Lol,what a fantastic pic of Tigger oh yes and your daughter hee hee.So glad you all had a GREAT time.Sounds like it was the tonic you needed Noreen.Hugs xxx

coops said...

great pics noreen.looks like you all had a great time :D
xx coops xx